vrijdag 16 december 2011

its been a while !!!

sorry guys & girls
but i just haven't been able to do updates because its been tough the past couple of weeks -months

the chemo's and other therapys kicked in much harder than i've could imagine
but hey i'm not complainin'
i'm still here ,and i'm one of the lucky five out of the 21 worldwide who had the same kind of cancer that i did
(rather not say i do ;-) that is still walking around on this earth
that means that 16 of "us" didn't make it and passed away
my thoughts go out to them and to their family's !!!
i've got 16 candles burning since i've been told this horrific news by one of my docters

i have had my last chemo 2 weeks ago and i still have a list of things that isn't the way it was before
still no complaints !!!!!!!
but i will need some time to feel good or at least better so i can start working again and do all the other stuff i loved to do

to give you an idea of what it can do to you ,i have these pics
one is from 2 weeks before my first chemo and the other is taken 2 weeks before my 5th chemo

just started to grow back just a little bit of "hair" and right after that next chemo started to loose it again
it went that way up till today ,hope i can start growing my beard and hair again
man it is cold without it !!!

and thanks to you all for the lovely reactions i got from you