dinsdag 26 juli 2011

4stroke fun

wow look at these cool 50cc bikes ,all honda's

some more nice pics and info can be found on this blog :
check it out if you are into these cool little 4stroke honda's

donderdag 21 juli 2011

my plymouth valliant again

got this pic on my cell phone ,had to take it for a police report
some dumb ass hit and run my front fender ,its not a big dent ,but big enough to be pissed off about it

this pic didn't really show the dent ,so couldn't use it for the report

this chevy pick up is always parked behind the gas station close to my home
don't know who owns it ,because i might be interested in buying it

some random pic's from my blackberry

frame it ??
don't know about this one ,didn't take this pic
it was on my blackberry when i got it ,but i kinda like it

now here's something you don't see every day overhere in a big city like the hague
this canal is  part salt part fresh water because its connected by a dam to the dutch nord sea
and it goes inland to all the smaller streams with fresh water
these swans are with the 5 of them ,but i think they lost 2 kids (before there were 7 of them in total)

took al these pics on the same day that i took my family to the PARADE overhere in the "westbroekpark"
here's a nice shot of my lovely wife and son ,wile drinking coffee on a terras there

kind of blurry pic and not the best of them ever ,but hey
i has some nice sun and smoke ? effects in it ...no  photoshop here !

choppertown nation meeting germany 2011

well i've been there and it was a good time
since i didn't take any pic's (forgot my cam.)

you can check out some other blogs like :



loads of pics and some movies there for you to see

i had a great time with my mates from the garage maniacs (who i'm a member of)
and my other great friends from eat dust ,but also the flake kings ,rico fodrey from the so cal sinners and lutz who organised it
and my buddy floris velthuis ,who is small in size but great at heart !!

donderdag 14 juli 2011

its been a week

sorry guys
its a week now since my lasr post ,but i've been out in the woods
saw some crazy stuf ...didn't make any pics

but this gives you an idea

donderdag 7 juli 2011

blanket time !

i have made my seat covers from these blankets ,for my ford E100 from 1974 ,and they are comfy
                                                   a bit like this (below)

this is also nicely done ,the coca cola signs are awesome too

if you want some blankets call this guy
or just look for them online !!

nick the tailor tattoos

these first few are nice !!

and a bonus pic

maandag 4 juli 2011

vintage skateboard fetish ?

got myself a couple of these longboy's
will shoot some pics this week ,1 of them is a rare TOP board made in ventura
wen i bought it it was already 27 years old and in mint condition ....now its used ....lol

pure knuckle porn

sparetime pics
from a member of the Jockeyjournal board

vintage nudes and cars

these are the real old pics before the burlesque ,but right after the T-ford models ..HA !

sorry don't know how to camouflage the site marker on that last pic

zondag 3 juli 2011

another great actor : jack nicholson

one of the best car chases with steve mcqueen

man i love those cars in the period ,even all the parked cars are nice !!

hot rod chases all from the early days like 1978 and before

i always like these movies ,because of the cars in it
some are B movies

rico fodrey - fatherfury from the sinners so-cal

Message from Rico

Hello my friends: Rico here, Ive been workin long & hard on bikes 4 Born Free show = apparently while buisy doing this
some kooks in Europe spread Rumors that I wasnt going to the "choppertown Nation Meeting" JULY 16th in germany...
HELL YESS Im GOING = could u please help me & my friend LUTZ out by posting on YOURS & any and all blogs-boards-etc.
"" Rico Fodrey is excited to attend cohppertownNATIONmeeting JULY 16th in GERMANY """" etc.. As u know Im internet illiterate and dont know how to do this...

ThankX so much for your help RICO
come on guys ...it will be a blast no matter what !!
see ya there

Garage maniacs surf first edition

this is me going for a hang 5 on a very low-wave day
the day started with low tide and waves
but later things got better
thats me standing there and listening to another friend of mine giving instructions to my buddy's from the garage maniacs ,and 1 girl mieke

it sure was a cool day ,i try to organize this every year ....so pics and a movie from 2011 are to be made

surf's up !

evel knievel rules !