zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

chemo - eat dust denim

was in hospital again yesterday for another chemotherapy threadment to cure my cancer

while i was lying there feeling like shit ,found out that the chemo stand could also be used as a great coathanger 

my wife took these pics of me while i was lying there .......with my cellphone

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

HDC the Oldtimers int.weekend Part 3

and here some bikes of buddy's of mine
the one without paint and the wicked exhaust/intake system is kev's
the brown /gold bobber is a ungoing project from danny ,who also owns some other cool rides
the green wicked old school ??? bobber is Ken's (thats kevins DAD !! > and a cool guy )
the black bobber with the checkerd flag rearfender is from my good mate Peter from 45 flathead service
(check his site )

today was a good day ,it took all the energy i had saved from the last 3 days
but i didn't regret going
loads of great friends asked about my health and situation an d almost all of them offered their help in any way they can

again guys thanks ....but i have to go threw this ...its my cancer and those fucked up chemo's
but all the love you guys gave me me new strength !!!
for the comming chemotherapy

HDC the Oldtimers int. weekend part 2

HDC the Oldtimers int. weekend 2011

this club in my home town the hague (den haag) /Rijswijk
has been organizing this camping weekend for many years now ,and this weekend they did it again
i'm prowd to say that i'm a member and have many friends there
its all about bikes (HD's) from 1903 -1965 and this club is nothing like the MC's or other patch /BC clubs

the weather wasn't real nice ....but no one seemed to notice !
here a shitload of pics that i took with my blackberry  (not the highest quality but good enaugh to give an impression )

part 2 will follow !!