zondag 7 augustus 2011

sick from chemotherapy !!

well .....reason why i didn't post as much as i wanted ,same reason why i have to steal pics from other blogs and sites is because i have CANCER
in a strange form > grey zone lymphoom ....that means hodgkin and non-hodkin at the same time ,wich is rare ,like 20 other people over the world have got it diagnosed ,by the doctors

so chemo therapy started and i'm feeling ....not well ......
the same day i got it  felt like i had the worst LSD trip ever (and i don't even like drugs !!)
and then there are all the pills i have to take and the shots ,that must help get my blood back in better condition right after the chemo

so here i am again ,trying to fight this thing
like all the other things i had to fight in live before i just hope i can come out like the surviver as i did before

and trying not to get to depressed about not being able to make it to all the events i wanted to go to
i had to mis the hot rod hayride ,the ride to gent (belgium) by el cheapo and more like these 2 events

also not able to build bikes and hot rods ,so no cash is comming in ,i only go to my shop now to think and surround myself with the things i love to build with my hands ....i really mis that now ,but i just can't bring myself to it
my mind wants to .....but my body doesn't and can't right now

currently i'm in this chemo program like i mentioned above and i just hope it will take care of the cancer i have in between my lungs (lymphooms)
my last chemo will be on 11-11-2011

so please say a prayer for me !!

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