vrijdag 17 februari 2012

the rocketeer

trailer of the rocketeer
kinda soft but brilliant movie !

the helmet and the jetpack are some great designs

awesome 1934 ford pick up

this is a super clean 1934 ford pick up model A
it is featured with 2 set of wheels ,like both versions ...but the moon discs are better with the "billet" interior parts (which i don't really like on a car like this)
none the less its a real nice job the builder did !!

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

vintage Warbird Taillight from the 60's/70's

i have this vintage taillight in mint condition for sale from a friend of mine
he asked me to sell it for him
we have seen these taillights go for around $ 1200,- about 2 yrs ago on ebay
but thats not what he's going for (he's realistic)
for a resonable offer he's willing to sell

(the pics are from the net ,when he brings it over i will make pics of the actual taillight )

but i remember seeing his and it isn't that far of from the state of the taillight in the first 2 pics
all lenses are in great condition >no cracks or scuffs ,chrome is nice and inside looks like new
bulb is working ,al it needs is some longer wires !

vintage industrial /barn lights

i've always liked these ,had a couple of them ,but overtime lost them all
by moving and leaving them in the house i sold or by leaving my workshop and had to leave the lights inthere for the new owners etc

if you know one or 2 for a fair price please let me know !!
i don't wanna pay 200,- euro's at an antique shop somewhere ,so they can make 190,- euro profit

any colour is fine :green,black,grey,white,red,orange,brown
it doesn't matter to me

halftrack civilian style

the were first used as an agriculture type of transport and then the french made the first tank with tracks in WW1
then Andre Citroen from the citroen cars developed a couple of halftracks to go to the himalya mountains
for a now well known expedition it was in 1923 if i'm correct

we all know what happaned in WW2 with halftracks and tanks ...they were mass produced

renault halftrack

linn halftrack truck

rolls royce halftrack

citroen halftrack with caravan halftrack behind it

maybe one of the org. citroens used for the himalyan expedition

patina at its best

who needs new paint ?
this is how i love 'm

some nice 875's

no words needed here !!
nice worn look with a resole job
ready to go !!

german arctic expedition 1901-1902

The voyage of the Gauss led by Erich von Drygalski was the German response to the call of the Sixth International Geographical Congress to the International scientific community to explore Antarctica.

the crew


from above in the ice
Bähr, Gustav - Able seaman
Berglof, Emil - Stoker
Besenbrock, August - Steward
Bidlingmaier, Dr. Friedrich - Geomagnetist and meteorologist
Björvik, Paul - Able seaman
Dahler, Hans - Boatswain
von Drygalski, Professor Erich - Leader and scientist
Enzensperger, Josef - Meteorologist
Franz, Karl - Able seaman
Fisch, Max - Able seaman
Gazert, Hans - Medical officer and bacteriologist
Heinacker, Paul - Assistant engineer
Heinrich, Willy - 2nd carpenter
Johannsen, Daniel - Able seaman
Klück, Karl - Able seaman
Lerche, Wilhelm - 1st officer
Luyken, Dr. Karl - Technical engineer
Lysell, Wilhelm - Able seaman
, Reinhold - Assistant engineer
Michael, Reinhold - Able seaman
Müller, Leonhard - Stoker
Müller, Josef - First Boatswain
Noack, Georg - Able seaman
Ott, Ludwig - 3rd officer
Philippi, Dr. Emil - Geologist
Possin, Albert - Able seaman
Reimers, August - First carpenter
Reuterskjöld, Lenart - Able seaman
Ruser, Hans - Captain
Schwarz, Wilhelm - Cook
Stehr, Albert - Chief engineer
Stjernblad, Curt - Able seaman
Urbansky, Josef - Able seaman
Vahsel, Richard - 2nd officer
Vanhöffen, Ernst - Biologist
Werth, Dr. Emil - Scientist
Wienke, Georg - Able seaman

maandag 6 februari 2012

resole my redwing 875

after i've been on a hunt for new soles for my redwings i was able to get my hands on a pair (thanks matthijs !!)

my great buddy kees van der sluijs who is a true shoe craftsman ,did them for me today
started this morning with cutting the old seams between shoes and soles and he took (pulled) the old soles off

then he made some new cork inlay's for the bottom of the shoes and then he restitched the new thin sole
...it was quit a job to get the stitching right ,because you need to follow the holes that are already in the shoe .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. well you know what i mean ;-)

and the last part is ,glueing the new sole on to the stitched sole
the final step is to sand the soles into the right shape of the rest of the shoe !!!

man kees did a great job again ,he's the only one i trust repairing my redwings

he did this in just one day ,awesome !!!!

again iff you need your redwings resoled you don't have to send them to the factory
send them to kees van der sluijs

or send me a message ,and i will get you in contact with him
he's the best !!!

redwing amsterdam : memoires - good old boots

matthijs from redwing amsterdam invited me last thursday night for a drink and a special night in the redwing store in amsterdam

so i brought my buddy kees (shoe repair specialist) with me to amsterdam
and whe had a blast ,lost of nice people with the same shoe fettish and some great old pairs in the store

even a pair of boots from 1918 that looked like they where maybe 20 yrs old at the most !!

the guys from tenue de nimes and the whole crew of the redwing store where there
i had my van parked out in front of the store because its also a vintage american brand ;-)

i'm sure that you can find more and better pics than mine on the net
but it was damn cold outside and hot inside ,so my i-phone had some difficulties ........