maandag 6 februari 2012

redwing amsterdam : memoires - good old boots

matthijs from redwing amsterdam invited me last thursday night for a drink and a special night in the redwing store in amsterdam

so i brought my buddy kees (shoe repair specialist) with me to amsterdam
and whe had a blast ,lost of nice people with the same shoe fettish and some great old pairs in the store

even a pair of boots from 1918 that looked like they where maybe 20 yrs old at the most !!

the guys from tenue de nimes and the whole crew of the redwing store where there
i had my van parked out in front of the store because its also a vintage american brand ;-)

i'm sure that you can find more and better pics than mine on the net
but it was damn cold outside and hot inside ,so my i-phone had some difficulties ........

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