maandag 6 februari 2012

resole my redwing 875

after i've been on a hunt for new soles for my redwings i was able to get my hands on a pair (thanks matthijs !!)

my great buddy kees van der sluijs who is a true shoe craftsman ,did them for me today
started this morning with cutting the old seams between shoes and soles and he took (pulled) the old soles off

then he made some new cork inlay's for the bottom of the shoes and then he restitched the new thin sole was quit a job to get the stitching right ,because you need to follow the holes that are already in the shoe .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. well you know what i mean ;-)

and the last part is ,glueing the new sole on to the stitched sole
the final step is to sand the soles into the right shape of the rest of the shoe !!!

man kees did a great job again ,he's the only one i trust repairing my redwings

he did this in just one day ,awesome !!!!

again iff you need your redwings resoled you don't have to send them to the factory
send them to kees van der sluijs

or send me a message ,and i will get you in contact with him
he's the best !!!

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