donderdag 30 juni 2011

special HD 45" race engines we are building

these are just a couple of engines me and my buddy willem are building
they are based on a harley davidson 45" WL combined with G3 Matchless cylinders and heads
it isn't an plug and play job because the matchless G3 is a single cylinder engine ,so there are loads of timing issues
and the base of the cylinders doesn't match the cases ....and more of that shit ;-)

the plan is to go to bonneville next year to do some racing ...we got inspired by burt munrow with his indian

i will keep posting updates as we go

in a few weeks i will start building custom frames for the engines !!

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

indian racer (boardtracker)

i have these pics on my computer now for a long time ,although i'm a harley man
just have to admin that this bike is awesome ....wouldn't mind having an indian like this in my garage

maandag 27 juni 2011

new tattoo

got this done saturday night
wanted this for a long time ,but finaly decided to do it ...after something happend to me recently (long story)
the reason why i chose "hand made" is obvious
i've been a grease monkey all my life ,and i like to build stuff with these 2 hands : like my house ,bikes and cars
all done the old school and honest way !!

burlesque is back !

or isn't it ,ask yourself if it ever disapeared ?!

wtb firestone deluxe champions

iff you have a set of these or one please contact me !!
need them in the size 4.00-18 or 4.50-18 for my latest project

i'd rather find them used with still good useable thread on them

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

some more

time for some music

airplanes and nose-art

don't know what this engine is from ,but i thought the heads looked like the HD sportster ironheads
thats why i kept the pic on my harddisk

old cowboy pics

cowboys in the good ol' days ...went from horses to .....flat tyres

don't know how old these pics are ,but this style of clothing is my everyday base
never thought abouth it until i came across these photo's
jeans and jackets like that just fit better than al those designer suits ....

super hot VAN !!

damn this is nice
would like to get my hands on an old ford 1 series van ,and make something like this

awesome inner roofrack !!

donderdag 23 juni 2011

call me soft but this song does it for me !

awesome hot rod ....might do that style to my 1919 T-ford pick up

except for the engine ,mine gona have a real nice NOS ford flathead engine from 1939 still in his org. crate
something like this one

but on the otherhand windows ??!!
then i can only drive it for 5 weeks a year ,nahh

maybe i stick to this style ,like i have planned all along

mine is gonna have a long bed so it can carry a motorbike in the back ,will be nice to drive the old skool combination to custom shows !!

in the future i will start posting pics of my T-ford project ,'v been gathering parts for a while now and starting to get there
most parts will be hand made by me anyway ,even the chassis and body and bed will be made from scratch

for now i just need to finish loads of bike projects and sell some of them ,to get cash for the good 'ol T

jay adams from the Z-boys :style is everything !!

some nice bikes ,sorry...don't now who build them !!

vintage BMX girl

                                                                         remember the 80's ?                                                                                                                   

woensdag 22 juni 2011

my shovel in a customized softailframe for sale !!

a complete rebuild with oem parts 1970 nosecone shovelhead engine
with a morris M5 magneto setup
new gastank
DSK handlebar and exhaust
1950 panhead seat reshaped
FLH oiltank modified
custommade softail rear suspencion
ford model A sparewheel cover as a rearfender
FXR 39mm front end
disc brakes front and rear

to much to mention !!
bike still needs some minor work
4 speed gearbox needs the top cover to be dismanteld so the shiftingclock can be rebuild (springs and balls need re-newing)
the bike needs the wiring to have the lights connected

that's why the price is low !! ask me if you are interested !
this bike comes with german registration papers and bill of sale

wicked hot rod

this is how a car should look like !!

me and my buddy keith from eat dust clothing

pic taken at the bottrop kustom kulture 2011

check out his blog and online webshop EAT