donderdag 23 juni 2011

awesome hot rod ....might do that style to my 1919 T-ford pick up

except for the engine ,mine gona have a real nice NOS ford flathead engine from 1939 still in his org. crate
something like this one

but on the otherhand windows ??!!
then i can only drive it for 5 weeks a year ,nahh

maybe i stick to this style ,like i have planned all along

mine is gonna have a long bed so it can carry a motorbike in the back ,will be nice to drive the old skool combination to custom shows !!

in the future i will start posting pics of my T-ford project ,'v been gathering parts for a while now and starting to get there
most parts will be hand made by me anyway ,even the chassis and body and bed will be made from scratch

for now i just need to finish loads of bike projects and sell some of them ,to get cash for the good 'ol T

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