zondag 3 juli 2011

rico fodrey - fatherfury from the sinners so-cal

Message from Rico

Hello my friends: Rico here, Ive been workin long & hard on bikes 4 Born Free show = apparently while buisy doing this
some kooks in Europe spread Rumors that I wasnt going to the "choppertown Nation Meeting" JULY 16th in germany...
HELL YESS Im GOING = could u please help me & my friend LUTZ out by posting on YOURS & any and all blogs-boards-etc.
"" Rico Fodrey is excited to attend cohppertownNATIONmeeting JULY 16th in GERMANY """" etc.. As u know Im internet illiterate and dont know how to do this...

ThankX so much for your help RICO
come on guys ...it will be a blast no matter what !!
see ya there

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