donderdag 21 juli 2011

some random pic's from my blackberry

frame it ??
don't know about this one ,didn't take this pic
it was on my blackberry when i got it ,but i kinda like it

now here's something you don't see every day overhere in a big city like the hague
this canal is  part salt part fresh water because its connected by a dam to the dutch nord sea
and it goes inland to all the smaller streams with fresh water
these swans are with the 5 of them ,but i think they lost 2 kids (before there were 7 of them in total)

took al these pics on the same day that i took my family to the PARADE overhere in the "westbroekpark"
here's a nice shot of my lovely wife and son ,wile drinking coffee on a terras there

kind of blurry pic and not the best of them ever ,but hey
i has some nice sun and smoke ? effects in it  photoshop here !

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