vrijdag 6 januari 2012

redwing 877 logger boots

got me these high redwing boots ....but i prefer them low like my 875's
so i took them to my buddy kees vd sluis who's the best shoe repair specialist here in the hague !!
i asked him and he said ,sure no problem !!
(ofcourse not he's a 5th generation shoe repair man )

the pics prob. won't show how great the craftmanship is kees delivered
because i took them with my i-phone 3 ....( i know outdated)
but its amazing !!

never seen this model low the way i have em now ;-)
if you life in the netherlands and you want your shoes done go to :
and also for all the work you need to have done to your redwings ,or other shoes,leather gloves,bags,purse ..... and more

1 opmerking:

  1. those little craftmanship businesses die out...everyone buys at ebay and H&M, although you get unreal stuff in those little shops, that last a lot longer and often are not that much more expensive...