woensdag 18 januari 2012

won the batlle from cancer !!

today was a good day
had a controle check last monday PET scan /CT scan and an MRI
and unfortunatly i had to wait 1,5 week for the results of this check up

but the great news came today ,no more cancer in my body
you can't understand what that did to my family ....my wife came with me and right after i was told the good news i called my son
and went to my parents ,called my sister en bought some champain ,went to friends to drink it etc .......
man i'm stoked !!

in the beginning the doctors told me that i had a rare kind of cancer
hardly treathable and in my case they didn't know what kind of chemo to give
most people don't make it with this  form of cancer ....so i'm blessed

times been though and i'm still out of energy and weak of all the threatments i've got
but now things can only get better

all i have to fight now is the pneumonia that i have

thank you all !!!!


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